Clothing 2013

    In September 2013 we will be introducing new fall/winter range of clothing. You’ll be able to purchase beautifully styled garments that are dependable and durable designed specifically for Alpine, Mountain and Trekking environments.

    We are delighted to announce the return of our key fabrics which now come in even more advanced technologies. Our super-dependable fabric technologies all come with exciting advancements. Triplepoint® comes in 3 new forms;

    • Triplepoint® AP (Air Permeable) - a breathable highly wind and waterproof laminated fabric
    • Triplepoint® Ceramic utilises a unique coating technology on multi-layered waterproof and breathable fabrics
    • Triplepoint® Eco, our dynamic membrane solution that provides a recyclable solution to your garment at the end of its long life

    In addition...

    • Stormweave™ fabric is perfect for day-long wear
    • The iconic Aleutian® fleece is a perfect partner for higher altitudes

    Baselayer - We introduce a combination of Dryflo®fabric mixed with Cocona® technology to improve the wicking performance. With the addition of Microban®, which helps reduce odour, we have one of the finest baselayer fabrics ever produced.

    Enjoy using our clothing in 2013 and beyond.

    For purchase of our clothing from September and for other products in the immediate term, please go to WHERE TO BUY to find your nearest stockist.