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    What Makes TFX Back Systems the Best?

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    The Lowe Alpine TFX carrying system is durable, quick to adjust and designed to maximise comfort when carrying loads. Focusing on function and durability, TFX packs offer a variety of feature options that cater to the differing desires of the broad spectrum of end-users.

    Every backpacker uses their pack in a different way. Some like to have easy access to the items - we have front-entry packs for these people. Others prefer lots of pockets so they can organise their load - for this user we provide bellows side pockets and front pockets, whilst others prefer simpler designs.

    Adaptability is key to all backpacking situations and most of the styles also have extra lash points enabling you to strap virtually anything to the pack.

    Consumer feedback has led us to change the way we describe the volume of the pack. The system is very simple: the first figure gives the volume with the lid in its normal position i.e. 65 litres; the second figure gives the volume when the lid is extended allowing, say, a further volume of 20 litres i.e. 85 litres. Thus we have 65:85, which better represents the volume range of the pack.

    Backpacking can mean anything from a simple overnight camping trip to a full-on multi week expedition. Consequently, due to the broad range of trips, we have not suggested what may be carried in each volume, as we have done elsewhere.


    TFX back systems offer superb carrying comfort because they can be tailored precisely to each individual user and have been built to the highest quality.

    The pack designs are driven by function, designed by enthusiasts and benefit the end-user. Within the range there are designs to suit all requirements.

    The quality of materials/components and construction methods are the very best and have been tried and tested in the world’s harshest environments. These are packs you can trust.

    What Makes TFX Back Systems the Best?


     1. Support

    Give your lumbar some help! Carrying heavy loads is tough no matter how fit and strong you are and it can be punishing on the lower back. We regularly support our lumbar regions, whether it is in an office chair, a quality car seat, or even working with heavy weights in a gym. So the message is clear: lumbar support is essential to protect the back. The TFX lumbar pad has been designed to offer a high level of support - if you can’t feel the lumbar pad it is not supporting you.


    2. Fit

    Getting the perfect fit has been at the core of our design philosophy since the Lowe brothers first revolutionised pack design back in the late 1960’s. The TFX system can be micro adjusted to tailor the fit precisely to an individual’s body shape.

    The AdaptiveFit hipbelt and shoulder straps ensure a perfect fit over the key contact points. Everyone’s shoulder and hip shapes are different, that’s why the AdaptiveFit automatically adjusts to individual shapes and there is no need to change anything.


    3. Comfort

    When you are carrying a heavy load you will be working hard. You will perspire and your back will get hot. It has been scientifically proven that vertical channels, however small, allow hot air to rise creating a chimney effect which, in turn, help cool your back.

    On all TFX models you will see central cooling channels to aid this effect.


    4. Movement

    You want the pack to be locked to your body. It needs to be part of you and yet, because you are engaged in active movement, the pack must move with you. To resolve this conundrum, we have built the back system so that it can accommodate the natural movements of your body without compromising your balance.

    The hipbelt has limited movement allowing for your natural gait. Too much movement can feel unstable, too little and you will tire of fighting the pack.

    The back panel can twist allowing for the natural rotation of the body.

    The shoulder straps are sculptured to allow the arms to swing unimpeded.


    5. Durability

    Lowe Alpine has always built packs to the very highest quality. The TFX design offers simple solutions to carrying comfort ensuring a robust design that will survive the rigours of serious-load carrying in remote locations.

    It is a design that you can trust because it has been used extensively all over the world.

    The TFX Range

    The TFX range includes 4 levels of back systems for both men and women.

    As you move up through the levels you will find a higher level of adjustability and better materials. These factors allow you to carry heavier loads for longer in greater comfort.


    Load Zone

    The load zone is a range of upper weights that we think a particular back system is capable of carrying in relative comfort. There is, of course, no reason why these weights cannot be exceeded. The packs can take it, but can you?



    Lowe Alpine’s legendary TorsoFit system is a simple 100% reliable system for adjusting the back system to the user’s unique body shape thus ensuring maximum carrying comfort.



    The TFX TorsoMotion system will allow the torso to twist and the hipbelt to rotate, thus accommodating the body’s natural movement whilst trekking.


    Supportive Air Channel

    Backs get very hot when carrying heavy loads. Research shows that vertical channels can be very effective in cooling the back. All TFX backs feature an AirChannel, but some also feature the Supportive AirChannel which ensures greater comfort when carrying heavier loads.



    AdaptiveFit is Lowe’s term for harnesses and hipbelts that will automatically adjust, when tightened, to the wearer’s shape.


    Rebound Foam

    Rebound foam is a very resilient foam designed to return to its original shape after being constantly deformed for long periods. It is perfect for extended carrying with heavy weights and offers great support and comfort.

    TFX ND - Women's Torso Fit Expedition

    Women backpackers undertake the same trips as men, endure the same hardships and carry the same amount of gear. At Lowe Alpine we have long believed that outdoor women should be offered a range of packs that meets their demands, not a watered down version of a men’s pack.

    ND refers to all women-specific packs.

    Not only do women’s body shapes differ from men’s, but so does how they use the pack and our TFX ND range encompasses all these differences.

    If you think all that’s needed to create a women’s pack is to shorten the back and narrow the harness, then clearly you haven’t asked women what they want.

    The overall fit of the harness, hip-belt and back systems obviously need to be tuned specifically for the female form. Necks are narrower, the hip/shoulder ratio is different and back lengths are shorter.

    While developing our women’s-only line of packs, we used both scientific research and real-life R&D to establish the key factors demanded by women to create the perfect backpack.

    No surprises - we know that women differ from men in physique. But we also found two key differences that influenced our design direction.

    Firstly, men and women carry loads distributed in different ways. Men prefer to take the weight high on the back, giving a higher centre of gravity. Women prefer to carry loads lower on the back. Our women’s packs therefore give greater capacity lower in the pack body.

    Secondly, the overwhelming message from our research is that women prefer to organise their loads differently. Our pack designs respond to this information by adding pockets and load organisation systems, both internally and externally.